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RREC Bundled Wind Project: Soda

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Project ID 1337 
Assigned Name India Renewable Energy - Wind #1337
Project Name RREC Bundled Wind Project: Soda 
Project Type Renewable Energy Offset - Wind 
Facility Soda 
CCX Member Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation 
Project Owner Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (CCX) 
Project Description 20 wind turbines generators in the village of Soda in Rajasthan, India generate a combined 25 MW. 
State/Province Rajasthan 
Country India 
Validation Standardized Protocol Approval  
Approval Date 05/11/2008
Methodology CCX Offset Project Protocol Renewable Energy Systems 8-20-2009 
Project Verifier(s) E-Square Verification Pvt. Limited 
Issuance Summary
Vintage 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Net Total Issued (mt) VIEW HISTORY 0 28,300 30,700 31,700 32,400 0 0 0 0
Project Documents
Title Type Date Action
Windmill Verification Report Verification Report May 11, 2008 Download