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Usimart Biomass Energy Project (Methane Avoidance)

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Project ID 1515 
Assigned Name Brazil Methane Avoidance #1515
Project Name Usimart Biomass Energy Project (Methane Avoidance) 
Project Type Organic Waste Disposal Methane Offset 
Facility Usina Termoeletrica Martins Ltda. 
CCX Member Environmental Credit Corp 
Project Owner Environmental Credit Corporation 
Project Description Avoided methane production from decay of biomass. 
State/Province Mato Grosso 
Country Brazil 
Validation Standardized Protocol Approval  
Approval Date 10/06/2008
Methodology CDM Small-scale Methodology: III.E Avoidance of methane production from decay of biomass through controlled combustion gasification or mechanical/thermal treatment 
Project Verifier(s) SES, Inc. 
Issuance Summary
Vintage 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Net Total Issued (mt) VIEW HISTORY 0 500 2,300 3,800 5,300 2,900 0 0 0
Project Documents
Title Type Date Action
Methane Project Reporting Form 2004-2008 Reporting Form December 31, 2008 Download
Usimart Biomass Project Offset Verification Report Verification Report August 27, 2008 Download